Travel Dates

Wedding events will take place on the evening of Friday, March 24th and Saturday, March 25th. We hope all guests will be in town for both of these days! For friends looking to continue the fun, we are coordinating an optional, (day) after-party on Sunday, March 26th. All events will take place in Mexico City.

For those who can come earlier or stay later, we HIGHLY suggest doing so. There is so much to explore in Mexico City and nearby.

To coordinate travel with other guests, "visit website" below and add your flight information.

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Air travel

Benito Juaréz, Mexico City International Airport (MEX). The airport is a ~20 minute drive to city and hotels we've reserved for the weekend.

Getting around

While Mexico City is a large city, our chosen venues and accommodations are located within 30 minutes of each other.

Uber is the best, reliable way to travel around the city (and inexpensive compared to US prices).

Beat is new on the scene. It is a ride share app with electric vehicles only - ride in style!

The neighborhoods are great for traveling on foot or by bike! You’ll see “eco-bici” bike rental stations throughout.